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Life Without Consequence is an ongoing audio adventure that follows Parker Ludere and Benj Cave, two street level Las Vegas ne'er-do-wells in the capitalist hell-scape of 2076.
After witnessing the death of a sketchy, would-be scientist neighbor, Parker & Benj find themselves in possession of a device capable of teleportation. Moving forward with the idea of "Do Crime...", the teleporter seems like the perfect thing to help lift them out of their day to day squalor. Nothing's ever that simple though, is it? While the device can seemingly transport them across vast distances in the blink of an eye, the locations it's capable of sending them to are all but useless.
Despite its limitations Parker and Benj try their best to use the teleporter to their benefit. Sadly, they only succeed in making their lives, and the lives of anyone close to them unimaginably worse.

As things quickly escalate and collateral damage begins to pile up, Parker and Benj find themselves tumbling deeper and deeper down a rabbit hole that brings their entire understanding of reality into question.

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Mr. Francis weaves together together a thrilling tale that wastes very little time getting to the point. While the futurist vision of a segmented society isn’t new, Mr Francis puts a twist on the idea that brings a new outlook to that vision.

First and foremost, OMG! I had no clue what to really expect when getting into this and I am beyond blown away. An absolutely fantastic story that’s got insane twists and turns. I’m so excited for the next part in the series. I have not expected a single thing that’s come so far and I’m very stoked to see what happens next.

So clever. Love the characters. Kept me guessing all the way through. Humorous, at the same time poignant after Covid. Loved it!
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