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Do you have an interest in making cocktails? Have you ever wanted to learn how to make the kinds of drinks you see in those artsy social media videos? I am here to help! I’m also here to get you a little tipsy!
NB(c)C is your opportunity to get behind the bar and try your hand at making cocktails like the professionals, all under the supervision of someone who claims to be a professional... ME!
I'm Davey Francis, i've been making drinks for 16 years and recently found an audience on social media. It's been so much fun sharing my knowledge with my followers but i want to do more! That's where my cocktail classes come in.   
Over the course of my class you’ll learn the history of three classic cocktails, the step by step of how they’re made, and importantly, why you’re taking those steps. My hope is that this hands on, interactive experience will expand your horizons and show you how accessible this craft can be, even outside of the bar.

- Classes are 1-2hrs (depending on number of attendees)
- $75 per person
- 5 (min) - 15 (max) People
- Great as a team building event, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or simply a fun way to

pregame for a night out in Sin City
- Allergies? Dietary restrictions? Maybe you'd like to focus on a specific style of cocktail? LET ME KNOW!
All classes can be customized to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

(currently booking for May 2024)



Thank's for your submission, i'll be in touch within 48 to confirm your class and/or clarify details.
looking forward to making drinks with you!


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