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like an army, we rose out of the ocean marching for the beach.
mothers sheilding their childrens eyes from our disfigurements.
the remains of our flesh dripped lazily onto that sand to be washed away by the tide and never spoken about again. 
water dripped from our skulls down our arms and off of our bony fingertips leaving a hansel amd grettle trail of where we'd come from. 
any attempt to have found our way back at this point would have been completely futile.
we marched past the gawking humans completely oblivious to their reactions. completely oblivious to the fact that we were there at all. 
we had our mission, it that meant more to us that we would ever have been able to comprehend at the time. 
as we reached the hill of the dune we dropped to our knees and began to dig. 
dragging piles of away from the earth until the trench looked like it would hold some comfort. 
we had dug our own graves, so we layed in them 
we had dug our own graves, so we slept

The Frozen Beach

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