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They were explaining why I couldn’t just pump my own gas but I’d gotten distracted by the iridescent nail polish expertly applied to their long, manicured fingernails. It was amazing how they could be so well kept when the rest of them looked as though they slept in a car most nights... like me, they looked like me. 
“Smokestack’s a bit ominous, innit?” I asked , not realizing I was interrupting until I’d already done it.
“Ohhh that...” the attendant said with a flamboyant wave of their hand “... just a daily reminder of our sordid history”.
I stared at it for a moment wondering what they meant. The thing looked as though a strong wind could take it away whenever it wanted.
“Did you like Devs?” They asked, handing my back my debit card.
“I did” I replied. “— some of it.”
We both smiled, nodding awkwardly as we realized the conversation was over.
“Well, I have places to be” I told them as I got into my car. 
I was lying, but they didn’t need to know that.

The Dark Secrets of Garibaldi

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