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After a battle that seemed as though it had gone on for the majority of my life I watch the ocean finally swallow the vessel that had carried me this far. Rain poured down around me so hard each drop felt like a little needle delivering a frigid vaccine. “It hurts right now, but soon enough you won’t feel a thing” I heard a voice say. It was my voice, but I hadn’t said anything and lord knows I’d been alone long enough to know that nothing about my scenario had changes.
The waves through me around like a manic depressive rag doll. I struggled to catch breaths when I needed them and was beginning to spend more time under water than above it. “It’s easier if you don’t breath” that voice said in my voice.
I tried not breathing but the voice was wrong, it was much harder. Instead I just did my best and hoped I’d end up on a beach rather than the rocks, or the belly of a whale.

Ocean Death

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