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I saw you, I did. I looked over at the stop light and saw you sitting in the passenger seat of your new boyfriends car. You looked right at me, but you didn’t see me. Thanks in part to the unnecessary degree my windows are tinted but mostly because you never really liked looking at me.
I told myself I wasn’t going to, promised even, but I followed behind you two for a moment and pulled into the same grocery store parking lot. 
I told myself I wasn’t going to, even promised, but I went in. 
I hovered one aisle over letting my eyes go out of focus staring at the frozen pizzas while you two discussed dinner plans and a trip you were taking soon. 
I told myself I wasn’t going to, I promised, but I walked down the same aisle as you. Said “excuse me” as I reached over your shoulder for detergent. You apologized for being in my way, so unlike you. 
You didn’t recognize me, how could you? This isn’t even my face, my body...
Anyway, I picked up a new brand of granola I really like that day. We’ve all been through this.

Head in the Clouds

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