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Openers & Closers  

The following is everything you could need to know about being a guest on Openers & Closers.

Guests should follow the link provided via email to the remote studio (I'll send the invite the morning of). The studio can be accessed via home computer with Google's Chrome Browser or via iPhone using the app which can be downloaded from the apple App Store. The whole thing works best when using a computer, but the iPhone/iPad option works fine too. If using iphone, connection to a decent wifi really helps with audio/video upload.
For the best audio record somewhere quiet, use headphones to reduce feedback, and a mic also helps, though none of that is entirely necessary.

Show Format

Opening/loose horseshit -

Once recording begins we'll just shoot the breeze on whatever we feel like talking about until everyone's warmed up and it feels like we should start the show.
Hosts will introduce the show, themselves, and guest. Do any housekeeping for the show then eventually get into format.
Show is super loose, this is just a guide. Just some dudes chatting about music.

SONG 1: 
We'll talk our way into introducing the first song then we'll all listen live. Connection might mess with audio, but that'll get fixed in post.
The format of the show is super conversational, but the following are some things we'll be looking to cover. Depending on the conversation we may get to some, all, or none of this. But this is the kinds of questions you might be asked...

what were you listening to at the time/ influences? 

What major events were happening in your life around this time? did any of it motivate your writing or drive you to create?

What were some memorable shows from this time in your life and what was your favorite performance?
What was this recording experience like?

What equipment did you use?
How serious were you about this band/Project?

What were you going for with this performance
Did you like it at the time?

Is there anything you still like about it? 

Is there anything you particularly hate about it?

What did you learn from this experience?

how does this differ from your most recent material?

We'll try to finish this section with the prior question as it's a nice segue to...

SONG 2: 
We'll talk our way from song one to song two then listen to the track where it fits. 
Who, What, When, Where, Why?
The writing/recording process.
Any highlights/frustrations/anecdotal stories?
Finally, what are the future plans?

:  After we've exhausted conversation on the second song you can plug any upcoming projects, shows, social media, ect. 

The riverside app will tell you if your audio upload is complete. It's pretty quick, but if it's not done when we finish, just leave the app/page open until it finishes.

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