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Davey Francis is available for hire as a musical composer for a variety of mediums.  
This portfolio is a collection of works both published and otherwise.

Michael Swaim's (Small Beans, IGN, and formally follow-up to NOSIDE. Consisting again of short fiction and poetry, Sad & Important continues right where it's predecessor left off and just gets bigger from there.  While NOSIDE featured flourishes of music throughout, Sad & Important is fully scored with music covering the entirety of it's runtime.  It's compositions are bigger, more realized, sadder, and more important.

Upon release, the collection, in its entirety, can be found on the the
Small Beans Patreon.

Selected PoemsNOSIDE
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NOSIDE is a audiobook collection of works by internet content creator Michael Swaim of the Small Beans network (also of IGN and formally Consisting of short fiction and poetry, NOSIDE explores themes of loss, passion, love, and cruelty all through a subtly sci-fi lens. To give the collection an extra level of immersion I was tasked with scoring each of the stories and poems featured in the collection.

The project in its entirety can be found within the the Small Beans Patreon.


Into The Dark is a short film by Reno based team Teensy Leader that needed a score to carry the unsettling tone throughout its 10 minute run time. Working with my longtime collaborator Buck Buckosh we created moods of foreboding, shock, and visceral terror.

Selected PoemsSad & Important
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